South Expeditions

A La Carte

Mix and Match activities to make your own personalised tour according to your unique interests!

Innovation is core to South Expeditions’ values so we have together a program that allows you to choose from various activities in each region to make a program that meets your most unique interests. They involve culturally-immersive, interactive and dynamic activities.
Private. Personal. Tailor-made. Make each trip YOURS!

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Cuenca, Colonial City

Of all of the cities in Ecuador, Cuenca is arguably the most charming and definitely, the center of culture and art of Ecuador. Cuenca a la Carte is a new initiative, which aims to simplify the planning stage of a trip to this Andean city and its surroundings. We provide individual and easy-to-combine activities to choose from. Thus, clients will be able to determine the days they want to stay in the area as well as which activities will best suit their interests. We will take care of the rest!

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Colchagua Valley

Chile is recognised worldwide for it's picturesque wineries and the exquisite wines produced within them. Now, you can choose from various activities throughout Santiago, Casablanca Valley, Valparaiso, and Colchagua Valley, including activities such as hikes, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding along their wineries, as well as wine tours, winemaking, stomping, harvesting and wine tasting sessions, and combine them to make your own, personalised tour.

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Buenaventura Lounge

If you are looking for short activities to fill up spare hours in the Galapagos, South Expeditions helps you make the most out of your spare time! Buenaventura Lounge is the perfect place to spend a couple hours engaging in fun and relaxing activities in San Cristobal Island. We are committed to making every second of your visit a long-lasting memory! We offer kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, a relaxing ocean view area as well as delicious food and refreshing drinks. Local coffee is a must-try!