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A world class wine destination and a land of extremes, from the driest place on earth to the Lake District and Patagonia

Chile takes pride in its long history, remarkable geography, and exceptional culture; since colonial times, it has been a mix of Spanish colonial elements with indigenous culture. Due to Chile’s diversity of landscape, it is considered a land of extremes, from deserts in the north to glaciers in the south; Chile is nature on a massive scale. The Atacama Desert, known as the driest place on earth, combined with its incredible landscape and night sky is simply magical. Chile’s central region is filled with culture, art and arguably, the best wine in South America. Many Chilean recipes are enhanced and accompanied by local wines. In the south, great azure lakes, emerald forests, glaciers and looming peaks dominate the scenery, with Torres del Paine at the Southern tip of the Andes. And Chile’s world-famous Easter Islands, a remote enigma, with its mystical ‘moai’, make of this volcanic island an awe-inspiring mystery!
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