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Discover the Colchagua Wine Valley, San Pedro de Atacama and the Lake District!


Chilean Immersion

Discover mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests and steppes in the Chilean Lake District. It is where travelers have their greatest adventures, whether hiking through rugged landscapes, seeing penguins by the thousands or horseback riding across the steppe.






Culture - Walking - Biking - Horseback - Kayaking - MultiSport - SpecialInterest - WaterActivities



  • Visit the driest place on Earth and the largest salt flat in Chile
  • Have the greatest adventures in the Chilean Lake District
  • Blend and create your own wine at MontGras
  • Visit the Agro-Ecological School of Pirque, a sustainable educational project
  • Explore iconic sites such as Puerto Varas,Lake Todos Los Santos & Osorno Volcano's surroundings

Day by Day



Transfer-In Villa Virginia, Casa Origen

Upon arrival, a representative will meet us and assist us with our luggage and transfer to our hotel. Villa Virginia, Casa Origen was originally a patrimonial mansion built in 1883 and later acquired by Fundación Origen as part of their sustainability strategy. After check-in, we will have time to rest and unwind before dinner.



Fundación Origen & Viña Santa Rita

We will visit the Agro-Ecological School of Pirque, a sustainable educational project that assists in rehabilitating vulnerable teens. After a brief introduction, we will engage in various workshops, from apiculture and ceramics to woodcrafts and organic vegetable garden, making it a very hands-on experience and a great opportunity for cultural immersion. After lunch, we will then drive to nearby Santa Rita winery for a wine tour and wine tasting session. The soil is of volcanic origin of granite rocks from geological formations such as glaciers, volcanic eruptions and local chemical reactions. This, in addition to their careful production process makes extraordinary red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Carménère.



Atacama Desert & Valley of the Moon

Today, we will take a flight and travel to San Pedro de Atacama. It holds some of northern Chile's most spectacular scenery. In the afternoon, we will head to the Valley of the Moon where we will find sand and stones carved by water. Its name comes from its extraordinary resemblance to the surface of the moon. The Valley of the Moon has dry lakes where its salt composition leaves a beautiful white mantle and escarpments of green, blue, red and yellow colors during different times of the day. We will visit the salt statues "Las Tres Marías", salt caverns and, in the evening, enjoy the sunset from a large sand dune.



Salar de Atacama & Toconao

We will start the day off by visiting Pukara de Quitor, a 12th century fortress built by the natives to defend themselves from other South American groups. Then, we will see ruins of Tulor, the oldest excavated village in the region. On our way back, we will stop by Ayllu Sequitor remains. In the afternoon, we will visit the largest salt flat in Chile, Salar de Atacama, which is the result of saturated groundwater upwelling (salt and minerals). Afterwards, we will take a stroll through the town of Toconao, visit Liparita stone quarry of the Jerez Valley and enjoy the scenery and flamingos at Lake Chaxa. We will wait to appreciate a unique sunset.



Puerto Varas

Today, we will take a flight towards Puerto Varas, founded in the 19th century and is known as the City of Roses. It is the access point to the Lake District. This attractive port and growing industrial center offers picturesque handicraft markets and great seafood restaurants. Germany, Swiss and Austria influence can still be seen in the architecture, the cuisine and the appearance of the small villages, which is why Puerto Varas is considered a small European oasis in Chile. After check-in, we will have lunch and stroll through the city enjoying the views of the lake, browsing and shopping at the local artisan stores.



Hike Osorno Volcano & Saltos de Petrohue

Today, our day will begin earlier than usual; as we will drive enjoy a scenic drive towards Vicente Perez National Park. We will go around the edge of the Llanquihue Lake towards the Osorno Volcano for our four-mile walk. It will take us through the most amazing natural surroundings and pine forests, offering wonderful views of the volcano. After our walk, we will visit Saltos de Petrohue, a beautiful waterfall in the upper reach of the Petrohue River, which is supported by basaltic lava from the Osorno Volcano.



Lake Todos Los Santos - Hike & Kayaking

We will cross the Lake Todos Los Santos by boat to Playa León. From here, our hike will take us through creeks and winding trails through small gorges that lead to the river. We will reach the fabulous valley of native millenary trees called Alerce trees. The Alerce tree, which is about to become extinct, has been declared a National Monument of Chile. We will have the choice of kayaking towards “Long Beach,” a black-sand beach considered one of the finest spots for kayaking. We will have great views of the city of Osorno.



Santiago City Tour

Santiago de Chile is a beautiful colonial city located in a privileged place close to the best ski resorts in the country, and near the beaches that inspired Pablo Neruda. First, we will start with a short visit to the Casa de la Moneda, which is a historic building that reminds us of the political turmoil of the 70’s. After the visit, we will go to the famous Paris–Londres district, which was built between 1920 and 1930. We will also make a stop at the Central Market, the most colorful market in the country where we will have an opportunity to witness the variety, and quality of seafood that Chile has to offer.




According to flight departure time, morning will be free to explore Santiago further, before heading to the airport for our flight back home.


Hotel Cabaña del Lago

This four-star hotel offers stunning views of the Llanquihue Lake and surrounding volcanoes. It has a warm, comfortable and trustworthy ambiance and it has been recognised both nationally and internationally.

Hotel Cumbres Puerto Varas

With dramatic views of Lago Llanquihue and the Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes, this five-star hotel artfully combines the intimacy and warmth of a Patagonian lodge with contemporary luxury and sophistication. It is the perfect reflection of its surroundings, with expansive windows and native wood and stone design elements, it offers guests a true connection with the breathtaking landscape of southern Chile.

Noi Blend Colchagua

Located 150 kilometers south of Santiago in the heart of Chile’s wine region, Noi Blend Colchagua offers a peaceful retreat surrounded by breathtaking scenery and world-class vineyards. Our boutique hotel lets you enjoy the comforts of the city while immersed in the tranquil beauty of the Colchagua countryside.

Hotel Casa Origen, Villa Virginia

Hotel Casa Origen was originally a patrimonial mansion built in 1883 and later acquired by Fundación Origen as part of their sustainability strategy. It offers charming, warm and traditional lodging. Fundación Origen produces organic vegetables, honey and its derivatives, a great variety of goat cheeses, natural jams, homemade milk-based delicacies, blue eggs of Araucanian hens as well as baking and pastry products.

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama

Tucked away on a gentle stretch of land in the outskirts of San Pedro de Atacama, surrounded by the quiet presence of the Andes, Altiplanico San Pedro faces the impressive Licancabur Volcano, with a unique design inspired in the style of an Altiplano village. Enjoy the famous Atacama sunsets and relax under their private terraces and beautiful swimming pool, after a day exploring the driest desert in the world.

Petrohue Lodge

Petrohue Lodge is strategically located outside the city in order to allow for a full immersion in the region’s unique landscapes. It offers spectacular views of volcanoes and the perfect opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy close by rivers, glaciers, forests and mountains.

Hotel Puelche Puerto Varas

Hotel Puelche has combined elements of nature and comfort, gastronomic exclusivity and outstanding service, without neglecting technology and keen attention to detail.

Le Reve Hotel Boutique

Set in the tourist center of Santiago this French-style hotel features 31 rooms and quick access to Parque Bicentenario, Isidora Goyenechea and Barrio Lastarria. It is 20 minutes from Arturo Merino Benitez airport, 5km from the city center, and 0.8km from Providencia Neighborhood, Teleférico and Costanera Center.


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