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South America's most promising wine regions: the Colchagua Valley, where Chile’s finest red wines are made.


Colchagua Wine Valley

The Colchagua Valley, in central Chile, is considered one of South America's most promising wine regions. Its climate is often warm, but cooled by ocean breezes and dry, but refreshed by rivers and occasional rainfall. The Tinguiririca River is a key feature in the region as it brings clear melt water down from the Andean peaks to the valleys and vineyards below, transporting silts and clays with it and creating ideal soils and terrains for viticulture. Chile’s finest red wines are made here, mostly from Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Malbec, Merlot and Syrah. Throughout the trip we will have the opportunity to foment cultural exchange when meeting and talking with locals on various occasions.






Culture - Walking - Special Interest



  • Visit the Agro-Ecological School of Pirque, a sustainable educational project
  • Wine tour and wine tasting at Viña Santa Rita, Viña Casa Silva and Viña Montes
  • Blend and create your own wine at MontGras
  • Hike La Ruta del Carbon near San Fernando
  • Hike along the ‘Canal Route,’ as we reach the top, we will enjoy incredible views of the surrounding scenery

Day by Day



Fundación Origen & Viña Santa Rita

We will visit the Agro-Ecological School of Pirque, a sustainable educational project that assists in rehabilitating vulnerable teens. After a brief introduction, we will engage in various workshops, from apiculture and ceramics to woodcrafts and organic vegetable garden, making it a very hands-on experience and a great opportunity for cultural immersion. After lunch, we will then drive to nearby Santa Rita winery for a wine tour and wine tasting session. The soil is of volcanic origin of granite rocks from geological formations such as glaciers, volcanic eruptions and local chemical reactions. This, in addition to their careful production process makes extraordinary red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Carménère.



La Ruta del Carbón & Viña Casa Silva

Near San Fernando we will hike along the route known as La Ruta del Carbon, aptly named after the adobe kilns, still used by the local people in their attempts to produce charcoal. During our walk, we will pass by some of the most beautiful vineyards and estates in the area, and afterwards drive to Casa Silva winery. It recently refurbished to offer all comfort and history of this centennial building and winery. We will take a special tour through the winery, at the end of which we will have the opportunity to taste some of their best wines.



Hike Canal Route & Make Your Own Wine

The ‘Canal Route’ offers incredible views of the Andes, the valley below and beyond to the MontGras, Bisquertt, and Siegel wineries. Afterwards, we will go to MontGras Winery for a short tour with the opportunity to taste some of their best wines. MontGras winery is one of the most modern wine making facilities in the world. It is at MontGras that we will have the chance to create our own blend with up to 3 red varieties, bottled, corking and labeling it to take it home with us. The best souvenir will always be the one you created yourself!



Hike & Wine at Viña Montes

We will go on a unique and unforgettable tour as we hike in the area of Viña Montes. Additionally we will visit a new winery in Apalta, which boasts highly sophisticated winemaking technologies. Inside the “bodega” of this winery, we will observe the gravitational system used to move the wines, while outside provides us with superb views of the steep hillsides of the vineyards with an incline of over 45-degrees. Here is where the magic happens, as this property produces the best grapes for popular wines such as Montes Alpha M, Montes Folly and Purple Angel.


Noi Blend Colchagua

Located 150 kilometers south of Santiago in the heart of Chile’s wine region, Noi Blend Colchagua offers a peaceful retreat surrounded by breathtaking scenery and world-class vineyards. Our boutique hotel lets you enjoy the comforts of the city while immersed in the tranquil beauty of the Colchagua countryside.

Hotel Casa Origen, Villa Virginia

Hotel Casa Origen was originally a patrimonial mansion built in 1883 and later acquired by Fundación Origen as part of their sustainability strategy. It offers charming, warm and traditional lodging. Fundación Origen produces organic vegetables, honey and its derivatives, a great variety of goat cheeses, natural jams, homemade milk-based delicacies, blue eggs of Araucanian hens as well as baking and pastry products.


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