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Visit the most iconic sites in Ecuador to understand its people’s culture, traditions, and heritage while appreciating the breathtaking Andean landscapes.


Iconic Ecuador Exploration

The Andes Mountains characterise the Ecuadorean landscape and rest as a backbone, cutting through the region. Due to constant volcanic activity, pure and perpetual snow melts and makes its way through canyons. Dancing and jumping through the rugged landscape, it irrigates fertile valleys. Thus, many ecosystems surround the mountain range such as páramo grasslands, tropical, and cloud forests. Ecuador is a unique country with rich culture, heritage, bio-diversity, and wildlife and this program will allow you to explore it in the most authentic manner.






Culture - Walking - Rafting - Multisport


1712 USD


  • Ride the Nariz del Diablo train route(The Devil’s Nose), named
  • Visit Santa Rita’s Community, where the best chocolate in the world is made by Pacari Chocolate.
  • Spend time at San Clemente community engaging in the locals' daily activities.
  • Go rafting on Tena's most majestic, thrilling, and fun river.
  • Prices per person, based on a minimum of 6 guests. Prices will fluctuate as the number of guests varies.

Day by Day



Hike from Angla to Zuleta Community

Today, we will drive to the Angla community from where we will start our hike to the Zuleta Community. Then, we will drive to San Clemente Community, to meet and spend time with local families. The sustainable development of community tourism is characterised by an authentic and personable experience as guests interact with indigenous families from the start.



San Clemente - Otavalo Market - Cuicocha

We will join the community in some of the many activities they engage in on a daily basis. Afterwards, we will visit the most famous and largest handicraft fair in South America, the Otavalo Market. The indigenous weavers from Otavalo and the surrounding areas bring their arts and crafts to the market. Then, we will visit and hike La Laguna de Cuicocha, a deep-blue crater lake cradled in the volcano walls.



Hike Antenas to Papallacta

We will drive to the Paramo of Papallacta for a 3- to 4-hour easy hike. We will then drive to Termas de Papallacta, is an intimate lodge located just one hour east of Quito in a pastoral setting. It has steamy, therapeutic pools, which offer the country’s most luxurious thermal bath experience.



Rainforest Walk - Finca de Cacao

We will go on a guided trek along winding paths. Along the way, our guide will teach us about the plants used by the natives for making hunting and food instruments. For lunch, we will drive to Santa Rita’s community where we will be welcomed with a delicious meal. Within Santa Rita lies Pacari Chocolate’s Cocoa Agrotourism Project. Here, we will learn about the community, the cultivation of cocoa, and the process to making the best chocolate in the world. We will prepare some chocolate for ourselves.



White Water Rafting Jatunyacu River

From February to September, we will have the chance to run the incredible Quijos River, a thrilling ‘Class IV’ river with challenging rapids and beautiful canyon scenery. Between October and January, we will run the spectacular Jatunyacu, a class III river with big fun rapids, and undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and beautiful rivers in Ecuador. Along the way you can view high canyon walls, waterfalls and untouched virgin forest, with plenty of opportunities to take a swim throughout the day.



Hike Las Juntas (Baños) To Leito

We will drive through the famous avenue of the volcanoes to today’s hiking spot. Our trek will end in Hacienda Leito, which will welcome us with incredible views of the active volcano Tungurahua volcano. The hacienda has a unique history as the hacienda belonged to Jesuit Order during the colonial period until Spanish captains and their families forced them out. They were in search for Inca treasures in the mysterious Llanganates as they were told that Atahualpa and Rumiñahui, had gathered all the gold riches of the Inca Empire. The treasure remains unfound.



Leito - Estrella de Chimborazo Hike

We will drive to Chimborazo Lodge, located at the foothills of the volcano, within the Chimborazo Nature Reserve. Once we arrive, we will rest for a little bit before heading out for one of the many hikes and excursions surrounding the lodge, to observe the local flora and fauna. Due to the volcano’s altitude, we may observe South American camelids exclusive to this area, such as the guanaco, vicuña, alpaca, and. On a clear day, we will have the most regarding views of the Chimborazo Volcano and its glaciers. Chimborazo is the highest peak in Ecuador and, if measured from the center of the Earth, the highest in the world. The Everest only wins when measured from sea level.



Tren Nariz del Diablo - Guayaquil

n 2008, the Ecuadorian Railway was declared a Testimonial, Symbolic, Civil, and Historical Heritage Monument. By 1899, work finally started on Ecuador’s first railway which would connected the coastal and highlands regions as well as the north with the south of the country. It faced a great obstacle, as it had to be constructed along a near-vertical wall of rock, known as El Nariz del Diablo (The Devil’s Nose). With its success, it was named "the most difficult Railway in the World”. Once back in Alausi, we will drive to Guayaquil.


Hamadryade Lodge

Hamadryade Lodge is a luxurious Amazon jungle Lodge. Set in the Amazon rainforest, it has 5 bungalows hidden in the jungle. Exclusive and luxurious, Hamadryade is a hotel that offers a personalised service, through our amazon tours, on land and on water with our numerous activities.

Termas de Papallacta

Termas de Papallacta is a hot springs lodge and Spa located in a Andean landscape. The perfect place to relax and revitalise. More than a destination, it is an integral holistic experience that will awake all your senses. The soothing thermal springs in unspoiled natural surroundings, placed this area as a ‘must visit’ among Ecuadorian tourist attractions.

Hacienda Cusin

Hacienda Cusin, a restored XVII century estate, is surrounded by 7 acres of beautiful gardens and fountain courtyards. This hacienda lies in a lush green valley under Cotacachi and Imbabura volcanoes' shade.


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