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With lush farmland, dense forest, snowcapped volcanoes and deep, clear lakes, it never fails to surprise and inspire!


The Lake District

Discover mountains, fjords, forests and steppes in the Chilean Lake District, where travelers have their greatest adventures. We will visit Lake Llanquihue and its surroundings including Puerto Varas, with its German architectural influence, Frutillar, Lago Todos Los Santos, Volcán Osorno and Saltos de Petrohue, among other activities. It is a comprehensive tour, which encompasses breathtaking sceneries, strong blue lakes and lush green forests surrounded by tall mountains that build a wall, making you fill inside a bubble filled with the purest of nature. For adventure enthusiasts, there are many national parks and nature-surrounded areas where one can go hiking, volcano climbing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, horseback riding and soaking in the many thermal springs. On a more cultural aspect, the region has German, Australian and Swiss influence especially in its architecture and cuisine.






Culture - Walking - Kayaking - MultiSport - SpecialInterest - WaterActivities



  • Visti Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt
  • Hike Osorno Volcano & Saltos de Petrohue
  • Lake Todos Los Santos - Hike & Kayaking
  • Trekking Paso Desolación
  • Visit Frutillar

Day by Day



Puerto Varas

Today, we will take a flight towards Puerto Varas, founded in the 19th century and is known as the City of Roses. It is the access point to the Lake District. This attractive port and growing industrial center offers picturesque handicraft markets and great seafood restaurants. Germany, Swiss and Austria influence can still be seen in the architecture, the cuisine and the appearance of the small villages, which is why Puerto Varas is considered a small European oasis in Chile. After check-in, we will have lunch and stroll through the city enjoying the views of the lake, browsing and shopping at the local artisan stores.



Hike Osorno Volcano & Saltos de Petrohue

Today, our day will begin earlier than usual; as we will drive enjoy a scenic drive towards Vicente Perez National Park. We will go around the edge of the Llanquihue Lake towards the Osorno Volcano for our four-mile walk. It will take us through the most amazing natural surroundings and pine forests, offering wonderful views of the volcano. After our walk, we will visit Saltos de Petrohue, a beautiful waterfall in the upper reach of the Petrohue River, which is supported by basaltic lava from the Osorno Volcano.



Lake Todos Los Santos - Hike & Kayaking

We will cross the Lake Todos Los Santos by boat to Playa León. From here, our hike will take us through creeks and winding trails through small gorges that lead to the river. We will reach the fabulous valley of native millenary trees called Alerce trees. The Alerce tree, which is about to become extinct, has been declared a National Monument of Chile. We will have the choice of kayaking towards “Long Beach,” a black-sand beach considered one of the finest spots for kayaking. We will have great views of the city of Osorno.



Trekking Paso Desolación

An 8-mile trek will take us to Lake Todos Los Santos old entrance road and through Paso Desolación, between Osorno Volcano and Cerro La Picada. It will be filled with nature and breathtaking sceneries. On clear days, it is possible to enjoy beautiful vistas of Lake Todos los Santos, as well as the Calbuco, Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanoes.



Visit Frutillar

Frutillar is a fascinating lakeside retreat. We will visit the Museo Alemán (German Museum), the Teatro del Lago, an artisan chocolaterie, and admire its quaint pier, lengthy lakeside beach and picturesque German architecture. Küchen is the most popular pastry/tart in the region and it is filled with fruit sauce made out of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, plumps and myrtles; as well as dried fruits. The secret lies in combining them to achieve the right flavor. We will walk along charming pathways with adjacent teahouses and pretty cafes.


Hotel Cabaña del Lago

This four-star hotel offers stunning views of the Llanquihue Lake and surrounding volcanoes. It has a warm, comfortable and trustworthy ambiance and it has been recognised both nationally and internationally.

Hotel Cumbres Puerto Varas

With dramatic views of Lago Llanquihue and the Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes, this five-star hotel artfully combines the intimacy and warmth of a Patagonian lodge with contemporary luxury and sophistication. It is the perfect reflection of its surroundings, with expansive windows and native wood and stone design elements, it offers guests a true connection with the breathtaking landscape of southern Chile.

Petrohue Lodge

Petrohue Lodge is strategically located outside the city in order to allow for a full immersion in the region’s unique landscapes. It offers spectacular views of volcanoes and the perfect opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy close by rivers, glaciers, forests and mountains.

Hotel Puelche Puerto Varas

Hotel Puelche has combined elements of nature and comfort, gastronomic exclusivity and outstanding service, without neglecting technology and keen attention to detail.


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